php course

PHP Course

PHP Introduction PHP Installation PHP File Handling PHP Syntax
arrow What is PHP? arrow What do you Need? arrow Opening a File arrow Basic PHP Syntax
arrow The origin of PHP arrow Download PHP arrow Closing a File arrow Comments in PHP
arrow PHP is better than its alternatives arrow Download MySQL Database arrow Check End-of-file
arrow How PHP works with the web server arrow Download Apache Server arrow Reading a File Line by Line
arrow Hardware and software
arrow Reading a File Character by Character
arrow What is MySQL?
arrow How PHP works with the web server
arrow Where to Start?
PHP Variables PHP File Upload PHP String Variables PHP Operators
arrow Variables in PHP arrow Create an Upload-File Form arrow String Variables in PHP arrow Arithmetic Operators
arrow PHP is a Loosely Typed Language arrow Create The Upload Script arrow The Concatenation Operator arrow Assignment Operators
arrow Naming Rules for Variables arrow Restrictions on Upload arrow The strlen() function arrow Comparison Operators
arrow Saving the Uploaded File arrow The strpos() function arrow Logical Operators
arrow Complete PHP String Reference
PHP Cookies PHP If…Else Statements PHP Switch Statement PHP Secure E-mails
arrow What is a Cookie? arrow Conditional Statements arrow The PHP Switch Statement arrow PHP E-mail Injections
arrow How to Create a Cookie? arrow The if Statement arrow PHP Stopping E-mail Injections
arrow How to Retrieve a Cookie Value? arrow The if…else Statement
arrow How to Delete a Cookie? arrow The if…elseif….else Statement
arrow What if a Browser Does NOT
Support Cookies?
PHP Arrays PHP Looping – While Loops PHP Looping – For Loops Points
arrow What is an Array? arrow PHP Session Variables arrow The for Loop
arrow Numeric Arrays arrow PHP Loops arrow Starting a PHP Session arrow The foreach Loop
arrow Associative Arrays arrow The while Loop arrow Storing a Session Variable
arrow Multidimensional Arrays arrow The do…while Statement arrow Destroying a Session
PHP Functions PHP Include File Classes & Objects PHP Forms and User Input
arrow PHP Built-in Functions arrow Server Side Includes (SSI) arrow Objects oriented programming arrow PHP Form Handling
arrow PHP Functions arrow PHP include() Function arrow Define a class arrow Form Validation
arrow Create a PHP Function arrow PHP require() Function arrow An object
arrow PHP Functions – Adding
arrow Creating an object
arrow PHP Functions – Return values arrow Object methods
arrow Class constants
arrow Class inheritance
arrow Abstract classes & methods
arrow Checking for class & method existence
PHP $_GET Function PHP Filter PHP $_POST Function PHP Date() Function
arrow The $_GET Function arrow What is a PHP Filter? arrow The $_POST Function arrow The PHP Date() Function
arrow When to use method=”get”? arrow Why use a Filter? arrow When to use method=”post”? arrow PHP Date() – Format the Date
arrow Functions and Filters arrow The PHP $_REQUEST Function arrow PHP Date() – Adding a Timestamp
arrow Validating and Sanitizing
arrow Options and Flags
arrow Validate Input
arrow Sanitize Input
arrow Filter Multiple Inputs
arrow Using Filter Callback